Everywhere you turn, you can see symbols and relics of the hard-working people who built this community. Downtown Homerville represents our past and present sense of hospitality and commitment to each other. Today, the downtown has the highest concentration of infrastructure within the city limits. Formal preservation efforts have been made over the years to salvage, renovate, preserve, and enhance the historical assets of the city. Some examples include securing a grant to a complete period renovation of the John Homer Mattox home and convert it into the Clinch County Chamber of Commerce office, and the renovation of the original Station No. 11 Train Depot as a community event space and Main Street office. The majestic Clinch County Courthouse, built in 1896, still sits in the city square and continues to serve as the center of the county government.

We are fortunate to have a significant number of businesses downtown today, with many being in operation for more than 50 years. New memories and connections are made to downtown during homecoming parades, “Homerville for the Holidays” events, serving as the backdrop of choice for many life milestone moments.

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