City Licenses

Information regarding business licenses, alcohol licenses, peddler's permits, and more can be found below. For more information on business licenses/occupation tax certificates please contact:
Jennifer Inman, Customer Service
20 South College Street Suite A/P.O. Box 535
Homerville, GA 31634
912-487-2375 Ext. 1201
912-487-3111 Fax

Business License

The business license certificate is to be purchased before beginning operations; therefore, we recommend that you apply 2 weeks before you plan to open. Payment is due at the time you submit the application. Once the application has been approved and payment received we will then issue your business occupation tax certificate. The certificate must be posted in some conspicuous place at your business establishment.

Who needs a business license?

  • Each person, firm, partnership or corporation engaged in any business, trade, profession or occupation in the City of Homerville shall pay the license occupational tax based on number of employees, unless your business meets the requirements for professional or regulatory business.
  • Businesses that have no physical location in the City of Homerville, but are located inside the state of Georgia, will need to first obtain a license from the county or municipality where your business office is located. The City of Homerville will need a copy of that license on record and a copy of a state license if required by the State of Georgia.

Expiration and Renewal

The business license certificates expire December 31st of each year and the deadline for the renewal is January 10th the following year. All payments received after that date will be assessed a 10% penalty of the amount due. Renewal notices are mailed out by September 30th of each year; however, it is the responsibility of the business owner or agent to renew the registration before January 10th to avoid a penalty and possible expiration. Please contact Jennifer at (912) 487-2375 Ext. 221, or email her at, for questions or if your business closes, moves to another location or this was a one-time construction job in which the job is completed and do not wish to renew your certificate.

Additional Information

Barber Shops & Salons - A copy of your state license is required. Each individual working in the barber shop or salon is required to purchase a separate business license.

Restaurants - A copy of your food service permit from the Clinch County Health Department is required. (855) 473-4374

Professional Practitioners (examples include but are not limited to: Chiropractor, Dentist, Embalmer, Engineers, Funeral Director, Land Surveyor, Lawyer, Physician, Veterinarian, Contractors, etc.) that are required by the state to hold a license will also need to include a copy of that license with the business license application. You may choose to pay a flat fee. If you are considering this, please contact City Hall. Applications will not be processed without a copy of your state license.

Alcohol Licensing

If a business plans to sell alcoholic beverages, then a license is required. These requirements are in addition to the requirements for an occupation tax certificate. The Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance and Renewal Form are located below. For questions about the Alcoholic Beverage Licenses or to apply for a New Alcoholic Beverage License please contact Jennifer at (912) 487-2375 Ext. 221 or email her at

Peddler's Permits

A copy of a driver's license or picture id is required. If an applicant represents another individual or company, he/she must present satisfactory proof of their authority to represent such company or individual. Every peddler shall display his/her registration card in a conspicuous place. Under no circumstances shall any person canvass or peddle any article whatsoever within the City of Homerville prior to 9:00 am and after 6:00 pm of any day. The peddler's permit is only good for however many days are selected and no more than 10 days.

Processed food and/or seafood/meat (Examples include but are not limited to: jams, eggs, honey, syrups, baked goods, boiled peanuts, etc.) are to be inspected by the Department of Agriculture and approved before a peddler's permit can be issued.

Georgia Department of Agriculture - (800) 282-5852